reactThe ReACT (Receiver Antenna Compact Technology) Smart Antenna is a compact, rugged enclosure including a high precision GPS and GNSS Receiver and antenna. ReACT can be fitted with a selection of GNSS receivers and therefore offers a cost effective and flexible solution to your requirements. It offers the latest technology for precision position, velocities, heading and attitude by GNSS-alone or inertial navigation.

The ReACT is an alternative to the now obsolete NovAtel's SMART-V1 and Smart-V1G. It boasts similar size and offers comparable connectivity and mounting options.


ReACT Brochure V4.00

ReACT User Manual v1.07

Robust and Rugged

ReACT has been qualification tested against a strict set of standards to ensure that the system can operate in harsh environments. The full list is found on the back of the datasheet. ReACT is compliant with requirements for miltary wheeled and tracked vehicles. Corrosion resistance in salt water environments has been achieved.

Flexible and Fast

ReACT can include an optional module enabling custom application enhancement for bespoke applications. We provide a range of “EDGE-WARE” firmware modules for additional I/O, data output and functionality including CAN frame configuration, enhanced inertial operation and attitude determination through a linked antenna network. ReACT with EDGE-COM masters the meaning of low-latency data, e.g. timed position data is ready for use up to 0.15 seconds earlier at 4800 baud  than standard GNSS receivers.

ReACT Models

The ReACT is available in three model variants

  • NS - GNSS receiver with integrated antenna and side connector
  • NSc - GNSS receiver with integrated antenna and center mount cable
  • D5 - Additional processor module is added to the system for enhanced functionality and additional I/O

Our specialist team can advise you on which, model will meet your requirements.


GNSS Receiver Options

The ReACT can operate with a range of NovAtel GNSS Receivers.