The ReACT+ Smart Antenna is a compact, rugged enclosure including a high precision GNSS Receiver and antenna. It offers the latest technology for precision position, velocities, heading and attitude by GNSS-alone or inertial navigation.


ReACT+ Brochure V3.01

ReACT+ User Manual v1.00

Robust and Rugged

ReACT+ has been qualification tested against a strict set of standards to ensure that the system can operate in harsh environments. The full list is found on the back of the datasheet. ReACT+ is compliant with requirements for miltary wheeled and tracked vehicles. Corrosion resistance in salt water environments has been achieved.

OEM Versatility

Our product design allows for the ReACT+ to be adapted to meet bespoke requirements and applications in a short timescale. Inbuilt firmware enables modification to support custom data formats.

Features and Benefits

  • 555 Channels with multi-constellation tracking (GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO, SBAS, L-BAND)
  • Dual-frequency and multi-constellation tracking increases position reliability and mitigates ionospheric effects.
  • Global 4cm accuracy with Terrastar
  • Extend RTK accuracy in correction outages of up to 20 minutes with RTK AssistTM
  • Consistent and smooth pass to pass applications with GLIDE technology
  • INS Ready: pair with a range of IMU options to enable tightly coupled GNSS/INS

Our specialist team can advise you on which model will meet your requirements. For more information or to request a quotation please Contact us