Smart Technology

Smart Technology is changing the world in which we live. A network of sensors and controllers using state‑of‑the‑art wireless communication, positioning, and timing technology is already transforming our cities and critical infrastructure. Smart Technology enables data capture, monitoring and anticipation to make the best decisions, improve processes and drive efficiency. It will make our world more cost-effective, cleaner, sustainable and secure.

Smart Ports: Illustrating the Application of GNSS in Smart Technology

The application of Smart Technology in the ecosystem of international maritime shipping and supply chain is changing the way in which container ports operate. An array of sensors, supported by autonomous technology and Artificial Intelligence are delivering efficiency and cost savings across this vast network. Below are examples of how Forsberg’s technology can play a vital role in the successful operation of a Smart Port.

Positioning Solutions for Gantry Cranes and Supporting Vehicles

Precision position from GNSS receivers enable the alignment of cranes and shipping containers for loading, unloading and port management. This supports optimised, integrated operations providing increased efficiency and reduced overheads.

Inertial Navigation maintains PNT when GNSS unavailable

Inertial Navigation Systems continued to provide accurate PNT in port areas where GNSS signals are blocked by infrastructure or stacked containers. It is crucial in the successful application of autonomous vehicles within the port.

Alternative Technology to Aid and Navigate Where GNSS Cannot

Alternative navigation methods, such as optical navigation, are utilised by Smart Ports when GNSS and Inertial are unable to provide a complete solution.

GAJT Protects Vessels and Infrastructure from Interference

Loss of GNSS from interference is a critical threat to Smart Technology relying on consistent and accurate PNT data. Malicious or unintentional jamming can disable key port operations, generating significant delays and associated costs. GPS Anti-Jam Technology (GAJT) uses a null forming antenna to protect GPS from interference and maintain operations. Designed as a military product, GAJT is increasingly applied in commercial environments to protect the availability of vital PNT.

Jammer Locator Provides Security Against Jamming and Interference 

Forsberg’s Jammer Locator technology is designed to protect assets and critical infrastructure by identifying and locating sources of interference. This provides ports with the ability to address jamming issues at source and protect Smart Technology operations reliant on GNSS. The Jammer Locator technology is currently under development.

StarLink Ensures Quality Signal Strength on Long Cable Runs

GNSS signals become attenuated as they travel through long cable runs, this reduced signal gain can limit the ability of the receiver to provide a position solution. StarLink amplifiers address this problem by amplifying the GNSS signal to provide increased gain and making extended antenna cable runs possible. In a Smart Port antennas are often placed on strategic, elevated positions to ensure a clear sky for GNSS. StarLink amplifiers will ensure that sufficient gain is provided for those signals to reach receivers across the port site.

NAVpak Provides GNSS Quality Monitoring and Controls

Forsberg’s NAVpak software provides Smart Ports with the ability to configure and monitor the performance of their GNSS sensors. Identifying issues and enabling their swift resolution to minimise disruption and maintain productivity.