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Complete Integrated INS Solution

Expanding on our successful ReACT smart antenna, the ReACT-INS Dock adds a precision MEMS IMU for a full Inertial Navigation System in a single rugged system

ReACT antenna offers a complete scalable range of GNSS performance. Designed to minimise installation work and maximise performance, the dock precisely aligns the GNSS antenna and IMU navigation centres.
ReACT dock comes with the same mounting points as the ReACT antenna to fit existing installations. An upgrade to a dual ReACT heading solution stabilises INS heading drift. The internal processor allows customised firmware enhancements for bespoke requirements.


  • GNSS-Inertial compact antenna and IMU
  • Commercial or P/Y/M code GNSS receivers
  • MEMS IMU with precision roll, pitch and heading
  • 2cm, 5G and 300 Deg/Sec performance
  • Fixed lever arms for easy installation
  • Dual antenna heading stabilisation option
  • RTK GNSS option
  • IMU options