AdVance RTK

AdVance RTK

NovAtel's AdVance RTK receiver provides rapid centimeter-level positioning. The dual frequency RT-2™ and single frequency RT-2 L1TE enhance the survey-grade performance of NovAtel's OEMV® GNSS receiver family. The RT-20 option also provides code and carrier based decimeter-level positions. For a more detailed look into Advance RTK click the following NovAtel link

RT-2 is customized for OEMV hardware and focuses on fast initialization times and position accuracy over a variable range of usable baseline lengths. An independent quality check indicates whether a fixed position solution has been verified, ensuring a higher level of robustness and a more reliable position solution.

  • Rapid Time to Narrow Lane (TTNL) at variable baseline lengths
  • Ambiguity Fixing out to 40+ km
  • High fix availability and reliability
  • Configurable reliability levels for variable environments
  • 1cm + 1ppm accuracy
  • GPS-only or GPS+GLONASS modes
  • Same interface and commands as previous NovAtel products
  • Available on OEMV-2 and OEMV-3 receivers

NovAtel's RT-2 L1TE enhances the survey grade performance of NovAtel's OEMV® GNSS receiver family. It offers users of single frequency GPS+GLONASS+SBAS positioning, a centimetre-level RTK solution for baseline lengths of up to 3 kilometres. RT-2 L1TE utilizes L1 GPS, L1 GLONASS, and SBAS measurements to resolve ambiguities and form code-based corrections, making use of the wider satellite availability of multiple constellations.

  • Lower-cost survey-grade positioning for baseline lengths of up to 3km
  • Ambiguity fixing of less than 60s in multiple conditions
  • 1.5cm + 1 ppm
  • GPS + GLONASS + SBAS mode provides more satellite availability
  • Customized for NovAtel's OEMV-1G single frequency hardware platform

“With more reliable ambiguity solutions and faster convergence across all baselines, AdVance RTK delivers significant improvements in performance across many applications, including challenging environments such as urban canyons or foliage canopies. We believe this new receiver will raise the standard for precise positioning technologies today. AdVance RTK will be the performance baseline for future GNSS technology developments.” Pat Fenton, CTO for NovAtel.